Ringing in the New Year

I was determined to experiment with light trail photos last night in a recent attempt to pick up my DSLR again and stop relying on my phone for photos all the time (still a w.i.p). After witnessing a few confused looks and having a slightly odd conversation about meteorology with a passerby, I decided to…

Study Essentials

Essentials for medical school: a planner, coffee or tea, my iPad pro (and not featured: Apple Pencil), and my handy-dandy MacBook Pro! I can’t imagine getting through half of my first year without these things within arm’s reach at all times.

In the Shadows

Took this photo as the sun was setting a few weeks ago in St. Petersburg, FL. Something about the way these buildings – almost complete opposites – stood next to each other caught my eye. Happy Sunday! x CTM CTM Instagram

A Year Ago

In a few days, it’ll be a year since I graduated from a place I have come to call my second home đź’™ — a place where I met amazing people, learned from world-class professors, and finally solidified my career ambitions. Since wearing that cap and gown, listening to the inspiring speakers at my commencement, and…

Merry Days

In a few days, we’ll take in the last of 2016 and enter 2017 with a fresh, inspired outlook complete with ambitious resolutions and goals. But until then, we can get away with eating way too many desserts (like these macarons), shopping (mostly for warm blankets and delicious-smelling candles), and relaxing during this holiday season. Happy holidays!

Some Light Reading

Hurricane Matthew caused damage to so many families, homes, and cities. I was fortunate to have a home to go back to—away from the storm—and took advantage of the time off from work to bury myself in some books while keeping an eye on several storm trackers. C U R R E N T  R E A…

New Routines

Since graduation, I’ve done quite a bit of writing, packing, moving, organizing, and thinking. Transitioning from being a full-time student to working has been far from easy but over the past few weeks, I’ve established a few new routines (mostly to occupy myself during the weekends) and spending hours in coffee shops has been one of them✌️ –happy weekend!

Between the Lines

There’s a certain danger in taking up a hobby as a steady commitment – the excitement that comes with experimenting gets suppressed by a drive to find perfection, or something decent enough to share. When I took a photography class last semester, our professor encouraged us to value the process, not the product. He made an effort to…