Chicago Pt. 2



Walking around downtown Chicago, I couldn’t help but be that tourist with her camera pointed at something at all times — the crazy architecture of the city’s skyscrapers, the infamous landmarks at Navy Pier, or plain trees in some cases…embarrassing, I know.


Before going on the trip, I made a mental list of all the places I wanted to check out, and Skydeck was one of the top ones. We waited a good 2+ hours to get to the deck itself, and once there, it was a quick 2-3 minute session in the glass box. I couldn’t help but wonder why they wouldn’t make more of these glass boxes – it would be a pretty good business move in my opinion 😂


But along with all of the touristy locations and sightseeing adventures, I got to visit a few of the more quaint (and less Insta-famous) places in Chicago. One of them was C.C. Ferns, a cute cafe in Humboldt Park. My sister and I got these pretty lattes and yummy donuts there, and it was a nice break from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

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