A Year Ago

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In a few days, it’ll be a year since I graduated from a place I have come to call my second home đź’™ — a place where I met amazing people, learned from world-class professors, and finally solidified my career ambitions.

Since wearing that cap and gown, listening to the inspiring speakers at my commencement, and making plans to see my friends again, I honestly think I have grown in ways I couldn’t have in college. I was pushed to live on my own, learn how to pay bills, cook for myself, deal with car issues, settle into a new routine, make new friends, and step far outside my comfort zone.

These were things that took a while for me to get used to, but now, as I think about jumping back into the student lifestyle in a few months, I really appreciate this year I had to better understand myself and the ways that I could make an impact on others.

Also — I apologize for the lack of posts on this blog! I’ve been putting some more effort into maintaining the Instagram account for CTM, so please feel free to check it out when you get the chance 🙏


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