Study Essentials

Essentials for medical school: a planner, coffee or tea, my iPad pro (and not featured: Apple Pencil), and my handy-dandy MacBook Pro! I can’t imagine getting through half of my first year thus far within arm’s reach at all times.

In the Shadows

Took this photo as the sun was setting a few weeks ago in St. Petersburg, FL. Something about the way these buildings – almost complete opposites – stood next to each other caught my eye. Happy Sunday! x CTM CTM Instagram


Wishing you all a very happy, healthy, and incredible New Year! Happy 2018 🙂

The Lighthouse

image taken at The Lighthouse — Glasgow, Scotland // June 2017  Instagram

National Museum of Scotland

This summer, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to explore Scotland, Italy, New York, and Florida with family — right before I begin my upcoming (and pretty nerve-racking) journey as a medical student. I’ll be posting photos from my recent travels in an attempt to share (and re-live) some of the memories I’ve made. image taken…

A Year Ago

In a few days, it’ll be a year since I graduated from a place I have come to call my second home đź’™ — a place where I met amazing people, learned from world-class professors, and finally solidified my career ambitions. Since wearing that cap and gown, listening to the inspiring speakers at my commencement, and…


Throwback to my daily routine of walking to class every morning at 8 a.m. // Some of the (many) things I’ve missed since graduation are going to class, taking notes, absorbing an insane amount of information at a fast pace, and organizing meetings and study dates with friends at coffee shops. With two months left of my gap year before medical…