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Throwback to my daily routine of walking to class every morning at 8 a.m. //

Some of the (many) things I’ve missed since graduation are going to class, taking notes, absorbing an insane amount of information at a fast pace, and organizing meetings and study dates with friends at coffee shops. With two months left of my gap year before medical school, I’m starting to feel a nervous excitement to get back into my study routines but also know I’ll be praying for my current exam-free, relaxed life once I start.

photo taken with an iPhone, October 2015.





Exploring the world has long been on my bucket list, an item that has been slowly climbing its way up to the top as I scroll through beautiful images of cities, star-filled skies, and rooftops online. Recently, I’ve been fortunate to travel a little bit throughout the country — I took this photo in downtown Miami early in December, right before running to my interview.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend!



“New Year, New Me” — a phrase that has infiltrated social media and millennials’ conversations alike.

From the Yellowstone trip our family made a few years back, this photo is my favorite. Every time I look at it, I can’t help but feel optimistic, refreshed, and reflective. There are so many unknowns in life and we can’t foresee every obstacle that comes our way, but this also means that every day is a fresh start. One of my personal resolutions was to try to live in the present more — a goal that has proven to be quite difficult, but one that has also helped me adopt a more positive outlook.

Hope you all are having a safe and happy 2017!



Merry Days


In a few days, we’ll take in the last of 2016 and enter 2017 with a fresh, inspired outlook complete with ambitious resolutions and goals. But until then, we can get away with eating way too many desserts (like these macarons), shopping (mostly for warm blankets and delicious-smelling candles), and relaxing during this holiday season. Happy holidays!