A Trip to Chicago

A week ago, I had the opportunity to visit my sister in Chicago and it was such a cool experience. The balance between the cityscape and greenery downtown, along with the amazing food, made the trip really worthwhile. Here are a few photos, more to come!

Study Essentials

Essentials for medical school: a planner, coffee or tea, my iPad pro (and not featured: Apple Pencil), and my handy-dandy MacBook Pro! I can’t imagine getting through half of my first year thus far within arm’s reach at all times.

In the Shadows

Took this photo as the sun was setting a few weeks ago in St. Petersburg, FL. Something about the way these buildings – almost complete opposites – stood next to each other caught my eye. Happy Sunday! x CTM CTM Instagram


Wishing you all a very happy, healthy, and incredible New Year! Happy 2018 🙂

The Lighthouse

image taken at The Lighthouse — Glasgow, Scotland // June 2017  Instagram

National Museum of Scotland

This summer, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to explore Scotland, Italy, New York, and Florida with family — right before I begin my upcoming (and pretty nerve-racking) journey as a medical student. I’ll be posting photos from my recent travels in an attempt to share (and re-live) some of the memories I’ve made. image taken…