Between the Lines

Lines (1)

f/5.6, 1/800, 55 mm

Lines (3)

f/3.5, 1/3200, 18 mm 

Lines (2)

f/5.6, 1/250, 50 mm

There’s a certain danger in taking up a hobby as a steady commitment – the excitement that comes with experimenting gets suppressed by a drive to find perfection, or something decent enough to share.

When I took a photography class last semester, our professor encouraged us to value the process, not the product. He made an effort to push us away from the mentality of always thinking ahead, of taking steps only if we knew our destination.

These photos were taken earlier this year, but looking at them reminded me of the values that I pulled from the class and how applicable they are to a variety of contexts.

Have a great weekend!


Sakura (2)

Sakura (1)

Sakura (3)

Amidst the stressful spring season of exams, these cherry blossoms (“Sakura” in Japanese) brought some beauty and hope back into university life 🙌. It was a nice little surprise to find these on my camera, especially now that I only see palm trees everywhere I go!

An Indian-Inspired Dessert



This fruity, creamy, sweet, and filling dessert is an Indian version of the ultimate ice cream parfait. Named Gadbad, the dessert is often made with layers of jello, fresh and dried fruit, nuts, and different flavors of Indian ice cream (pistachio, mango, etc.).

My sister made this dessert when I was back home for break, so I can’t wait to go back home for summer and have this ice cream parfait again!