Pure Imagination


In an attempt to check off as many sites as we could from our “To See” list, our first day at Yellowstone was quite jam-packed. By the time we saw most of the geysers and hot springs, we arrived at Old Faithful just as the sun was setting.

In this light, the scene was even more beautiful than it had looked in the promotional maps and brochures that decorate the park’s visitor centers. When I couldn’t quite capture a picture that I liked of the geyser erupting, I saw these two kids sitting on a bench, watching the pretty sight in front of them.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Hot Springs


Barren tree


To continue the photo diary from our trip to Yellowstone National Park, here are a few photos taken on our first day! The Mammoth Hot Springs were so interesting to look at even though we were attempting to save our noses from the sulfuric acid smell for most of our time at that site.